Personal Executive Risk Management

Online security for high-risk individuals.

Here's what happens when you engage HFE CS, LLC to manage your personal online security.

Step #1:

Identify your personal URL.

The first step is to register your personal URL.  This address will act as your e-fortress for securing your email, blogs, and other online accounts.

Step #2:

Convert and configure your email clients.

We will walk you through email forwarding and device setup to ensure the transition is quick and seamless.

Step #3:

Begin training and testing.

The process begins with access to award winning videos, games and public service announcements geared toward educating everyone with an account linked to your personal URL.  We follow-up with testing and monitoring designed to point out vulnerabilities and close awareness gaps.

Step #4:

Establish your baseline and online profile monitor.

Our team of experts will investigate all instances of your online presence.  We will remediate any problems and make recommendations to protect you data.  Then, each month, we will send you a report with required action to ensure your data stays private and secure.

Step 5:

Personal online protection.

With the click of a button, you will be able to alert us to suspicious activity in your email and online accounts.  We will monitor spam, malware, phish and spoof attempts against your accounts and take actions - often in the background - to actively protect your data and assets.


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About us

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